The Armstrong Hotel

The Client

The Armstrong Hotel is a charming and historic boutique hotel in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado. Known for its elegant blend of classic charm and modern comfort, the hotel offers a unique and personalized lodging experience. With its prime location, The Armstrong Hotel is a hub for visitors and locals alike, providing easy access to the city’s vibrant cultural scene, local shops, and dining experiences. The hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s a part of the city’s rich history and a supporter of the local community.

The Problem

While The Armstrong Hotel enjoys a reputable standing and a certain degree of patronage, after the pandemic, it faced the challenge of deepening its connection with the local community and enhancing its visibility to a broader audience as the hotel to stay at when visiting Fort Collins. In a digital age where online presence significantly influences customer choices, the hotel must amplify its story and community involvement through effective digital channels to attract visitors and residents.

The Solution

The Armstrong Hotel has been able to communicate its role and engagement in the Fort Collins community through a solid and authentic social media presence. By leveraging social media platforms, the hotel showcases its involvement in local events, collaborations with local businesses, and efforts to support and enhance the local culture. Creating and posting engaging, locally relevant content has helped the hotel strengthen its position as a community-oriented brand, appeal to a broader audience, and build stronger connections with the residents of Fort Collins.

The Results

Partnering with MAK Creative Media has helped The Armstrong Hotel to elevate its community engagement and online presence. A “live like a local” approach to their social media management and content creation has significantly increased the hotel’s engagement with the local community and visibility as a community-focused brand. Through a mix of storytelling, highlighting local partnerships, and featuring community events, The Armstrong Hotel is not only a place to stay and enjoy while visiting Northern Colorado, it is and will continue to be a vibrant part of the Fort Collins community fabric, attracting visitors and locals to experience its charm and hospitality.